Welcome to Mondo Community Warriors!

Our Vision for our Charities and Recipients

Mondo Community Warriors will allocate its funds to charities who work with the disadvantaged, vulnerable, at risk and deserving Individuals.  This will be accomplished through a network of 31 charities, agencies and programs that reach our target population which include homeless shelters, women’s refuges, youth crisis accommodation centres, drug and alcohol crisis centres, struggling families, the aged community and hospitality youth etc.

Our largest Charity partner is Lifeline Australia.

Lifeline provides access to crisis support, suicide prevention and mental health support services.

Somewhere in Australia there is a new call to Lifeline every minute.

Lifeline also provides national services and campaigns that promote emotional wellbeing, encourage help seeking, and address suicide prevention and awareness.

Graham Mabury 30 Charities in 30 Years


Charities chosen by Graham Mabury and the Directors of Mondo Community Warriors including-

Hospitality Youth, hospitality related needs and small charities that need a small amount of help each year due to their lack of fundraising support.


Mondo Community Warriors is a non-denominational, not-for-profit, income tax-exempt charity servicing disadvantaged charities and individuals in Australia. The Warriors exist to provide fundraising support to these key charities and individuals within Australia as a fast fundraising response  by helping financially or creating fundraising events through hospitality related adventures to raise money. The Warriors are a volunteer driven organisation ensuring every dollar donated is passed directly to its recipient charities.

The Warriors employ no staff and have no office  overheads ensuring they meet its founding principles.

Being one of the newest tax deductible charities in Australia, we will be building our partnerships with companies, associations and individuals during the coming years. We hope you will choose to become one of our partners in this endeavour and welcome corporate and individual support.

Board & Ambassadors

The Board

The Comittee

The focus of the Board has been sound governance and strong financial management.

Vince Garreffa

Founder, Chairman/Director & Ambassador

Mondo Butchers

Widely regarded as the Prince of Flesh and Butcher to the Stars, Vince is a passionate Italian who owns and operates Mondo Butchers, Perth’s favourite gourmet butchery in Inglewood.

He teaches meat/butchery cooking classes, fulfills guest speaking engagements, shares his 40+ years of experience with the next generation of butchers, chefs and food lovers, helps the farming community on market requirements, contributes his favourite recipes to The West Australian Newspaper, caters to special clients and events and helps his favourite charities.

Whether he’s doing all that or simply dining with family and friends, it’s undeniably apparent that Vince has great affection for all that is food. His nickname, butcher to the stars also refers to the amazing people he has supplied, worked with, cooked for or dined with throughout Australia and the world

Some of the things that Vince has been involved in include being a motivational speaker to farmer groups and chef groups, having a segment on ABC radio for more than 20 years,  having his own show fortnightly with Pastor Graham Mabury on 6PR for the last 23 years, writing recipes which have been published in the West Australian Newspaper for the last 10 years, being involved in many local, and national, cooking shows, using his celebrity butcher and guest chef appearances to raise money for local and national charities.


Michael Tamburri

Founder, Director & Ambassador

Qualifications: Bachelor of Business Administration

Michael has been the managing director and owner of La Vigna Liquor Merchants since 1986. Michael was involved in local ABC and 6PR radio stations from 1993 to 2002, has been involved in judging wines and has been a supporter and coordinator of many charitable organizations since 1980.

He is a committee member of the International Wine and Food Society and has been involved in facilitating education to the public in relation to wine.

Michael has a long history of involvement in many prominent charity events in Perth including Lifeline Australia, 6PR Sleepout and others.

Stephan David Jenner

Director & Secretary

Qualifications: Bachelor of Applied Science (Information Science) and Masters of Business Administration)

Stephan has been the managing director of Future Logic, a successful information technology consultants see employing 23 staff, since 1998. Stephan has been involved in management roles at large organizations such as Hamersley Iron and Edith Cowan University and has had the responsibility of managing large budgets.

Stephan is a professional member of the Australian Institute of Management and the Australian Computer Society.

Stephan has extensive organizational and management skills an brings these acumen’s to the foundation providing the strong governance and financial management required to achieve the organizations goals.

Food is Stephan’s other passion. In 2011 he was crowned the WA Tongmaster in a BBQ cook-off run by Meat & Livestock Australia. The prize was joining the Australian BBQ team to compete in the Annual BBQ Capital Cook-off in April 2012 in Lexington, North Carolina. The team BBQ’d us proud!